Got back from Mohegan Sun last night fairly late. It was freakin big. Apparently it is the second largest in the US. (next to foxwoods, which is just down the road and my next stop) I have to say I did pretty well. I was practicing Baccarat for the past 2 weeks, and have the whole idea about betting. I like Baccarat because you don’t have to think. Unlike Blackjack, where, if you play “perfect” Basic Strategy, your chances are just a hair better than Baccarat’s no thinking. So Baccarat is all about money management and betting systems.
The events of last night…
– Gary (coworker) and I show up in the casino at about 6pm.
– Walk around the gigantic complex and see where all the tables are.
– We see a Race book, and check that out (Gary is in to race books) Sit there and watch the horse races for an hour or so. Gary makes himself look busy, reading the papers and all, and the waitress comes around and gives us free srinks. The race book is a great place to hangout. Comfortable chairs, big screen projectors all over the place, smoke friendly, etc.
– After betting on a few lame horses, We wander around again. I hit the ATM for 400 bucks. My plan is to only play with 300, but I want to be able to cash out something! I’ve never seen an ATM that gave out hundreds. I don’t know if I like that…
– Find a $10 Blackjack table, and Gary sits down. I tired of standing, so I sit down and play a few hands… Mistake number 1. My lazyness cost me $100 in 15 minutes. Freakin dealer was pullin Face cards all over the place. We got up and walked away.
– Ate a steak at “Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse”, which was pretty good. Beautiful asian waitress. (Side commentary: I like asian women, but for some reason I find them too hard to read. Like this one could either be thinking. “Get away from me you disgusting freako!”, or “Hey hey, what’s up honey, ask me out and I’m all yours! But I can’t tell the difference!)
Steaks were pretty good but freakin expensive. I guess that’s what you get eating steaks in a Casino and in New England. As we were walking out, Gary was telling me the Waitress was checkin me out and giving me “the look” The walkway angles around so I can see her through the glass. I figure I’ll do 2 “glance arounds” and see if she’s lookin. Both times, seconds a part, she was lookin with a slight smile. <-Insert excuses here-> Excuse #1-So I don’t like to approach women in their workplace. It seems to me they are pretty vulnerable because they *have* to be there and probably get hit on all the time by drunk gamblers. Excuse #2-She was standing with a little group of her coworkers, and I find that tough to approach. Excuse #3-I’m a big wuss :( But I was feeling pretty good right about then, and maybe it will carry over to the gambling.
– Went to the Baccarat tables and stood and watched for a while. They were doing some weird stuff where the players were handling the cards and weird betting rounds. Looked a little intimidating. Luckily we saw some “Mini-bac” tables with lower limits near the race book, so we headed over there. Mini-bac is apparently closer to the online versions of Baccarat that I’ve seen. The table is the same size as blackjack, and the dealer handles all the cards. You just have to lay bets and manage your chips. At this point I am still $100 down from the Blackjack tables. I change $200 for chips and start my little betting schemes. I lose track of my totals, and just keep with the scheme. Next thing I know it I’m 300 up at this table without paying attention (200 net). So I tell myself, if I’m ever only 200 up (100 net), I walk. after a few hands, this happens, and I walk. I guess I don’t have the gambling addiction gene or whatever.
– So I end the evening $100 bucks richer. After thinking about it… the cost of Dinner, gas, tips, $5 chip souvenir, I’m right about even. I feel like Jerry in that “Even Steven” episode.
Anyway, I had a good time. Want to hit Foxwoods next. Gonna study Texas Hold-em also. I found some good books. They guide you to find the right table’s with easy money on them. Since the house doesn’t play in those games, the odds are way better.

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