I changed the webcam on the left with a little jacascript that updates the image ever 2 minutes without reloading the whole page. I hate javascript, but unfortunately, that’s the only scripting language (I know of) that the browser processes, as opposed to the webserver. I also had it set up, so that if you clicked on the picture a pop-up window would come up, with its own self-updating pic. For one thing , I despise pop-ups!, but I thought it was ok, because it would be voluntary. But secondly, the javascript I stole to do the job cause some javascript errors in IE. Works fine in Mozilla though. Freakin IE. Anyway, I just got rid of the pop-up code, and am leaving it as just a self updating picture in the corner.
Big week coming up.
– Planning on going to Mohegan Sun and/or Foxwoods. I’ve never been to a casino before, and I want to try out my money management stuff on the Baccarat tables over there. We’ll see how I do.
– Wednesday, gonna go to the orthodontist. This is big. I’ve been putting this off 13-14 years, and I have to admit, it will be a challenge for the poor dentist. I’m probably going to need some heavy duty machinery/16th century torture devices. This will just be a consultation, so I won’t have any work done just yet.
– Wednesday evening, or Thursday morning, Jeremy (coworker) and I are headed to Montreal. I’ve been meaning on making a trip somewhere lately, and they say Montreal is fun. Taking friday off, so we’ll spend 2 days over there. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend my winnings from earlier in the week, and this won’t cost anything.