I just had my groceries delivered by Peapod. I feel so guilty. I have a tendency to repeat myself, and I think I already discussed this, but what the hell. Typically when I go to the store, I get enough stuff to last me for a whole month. So, I have to get things that can be frozen or stored in the pantry. Nothing fresh. But with Peapod, the only thing holding me back from getting stuff is if i have cash for a tip in my wallet. Which isn’t an issue, because I pass an ATM on the way to work every weekend. So now that the fresh food arena is in play, I pulled out my “healthy” cook book that my sister gave me, and I peruse Allrecipes.com for recipes I want to try, and I just go and click next to all the ingredients at Peapod. For example, this week, I’m going to make some Baked Dijon Salmon. I would have never bought fish at the grocery stores before! Peapod also saves the lists, so if I find I like a dish, just reclick the ingredients from an old list. Those are good reasons, right ?