I just woke up, and had a cool dream. I wanted to write it down before I forgot it. I’m laying there half asleep. And somewhere in the dream archiving world, I’m figuring out how it works. Apparently every night when you sleep, and your dreams kick in, 2 pillars get created. And you have a little “dream proxy” (proxy is the first work that came to mind, but it’s really more of a painter type dude) who paints each pillar with the contents of your dreams (2 pillars, one for each eye) So I’m laying there half-asleep, and because I’m half-asleep the painter is working in slow motion. Painbrush in either hand, one on each dream pillar. I get the feeling he’s is trying to hide the fact that I’m waking up, and he’s drawing awtumn leaves and other colorfull things like that. As I start to wake up more and more, this guy is trying harder and harder, until I wake up, and run over here and put this all in. Weird, huh!?