I found this cool webcam software. It’s MS Windows based :( to run on my work laptop, but its still GNU’d. You don’t know how hard it is to find free software that deals with webcams. Dorgem was really a diamond in the rough. All the “freeware” had ads in there or couldn’t do this or that without buying the “pro” version. That is another big reason to avoid Windows. So this takes pictures and can upload it through ftp (or sftp with the external command line function) Captions are fully customizable and everything. Can’t say enough about it. So, that’s enough..

The shawndo.com migration finished. I got new backups so I’m happy. Everything seems to be working right so far.

This morning at about 4AM I went to help a buddy out with his new network setup, and driving home, I found an all-night self-service car wash drive through. I go through there, and little did I know, it was friggin -10 degrees F (wind chill). The damn soap froze to my far before the water came around to wash it off!!! So now my car looks like it just went through a snow storm. Friggin New England.