I was kickin myself for an hour and a half. I was ssh’d into shawndo.com uploaded some stuff, but it would just plain NOT come out on the webpage. I changed the .htaccess file, and web server ignored it!. So after about an huor and a half, I realized they are donig this migration. My hosting company is moving me to a different server. So, it looks like shawndo.com and mail.shawndo.com already moved, but www.shawndo.com didn’t propogate yet. (If you notice weird errors when you go to shawndo.com instead of www.shawndo.com, that’s why. Good thing, because I was missing some email also, but when I connected to the old site, I found it all. Doing another backup, just to be extra sure. Wanted to put this entry in there becfore the backup. The plan is to add a webcam block to the front page. I know that is soo mid 90’s, but I never got into that stuff. See ya post migration!