So Daniel from Austin came up and visited his family in NH for the Christmas holidays. I hung out with him on the 1st. Called Jeremy from work to show us around NH. We had a good time, can’t say that I ever really go out at all, so it was cool. We almost went to Montreal the next day, but some weather hit, and that delayed our plans. Plus, maybe I wasn’t completely of sound mind when I was lobbying for the trip :) I have to admit, I think I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to beer. I only drank like 3 or 4 beers, and I started to get heartburn and nausea and all that stuff. I didn’t throw up, so after a bit of sleep, I’m all ok. As far as 2002 went, I think I drank a total of maybe 7 or 8 beers over the course of maybe 3 outings. Not a party guy I guess.

In retrospect, it’s probably a really good thing we didn’t go. I screwed up my budget by 50 bucks this time, and I was really close to bouncing my rent check. Well, as far as I know I may have bounced it already. Hopefully they didn’t try to clear the check today before my sis transferred some cash to my account. Oh well, we’ll find out next week.