Went to NJ for thanksgiving. It was good. We cooked the turkey a little bit better, but I think I can do better. We didn’t get all the hardware for frying the turkey, so we had to roast it. NEXT TIME! That damn elusive fried turkey! I also got the chance to hang out with Pedro, a friend i had when I lived in Elizabeth, NJ from 1980-1984. Our mom’s kept in touch, so I still was able to get a hold of him. We went to a bar in Manhatten. It was pretty cool. I had a great time. I rarely “do” anything, and it was fun. So I set up a budget and thought all was good. BUT after I did the whole category thing, and figured out my spending habits for the past few months weren’t all that great. Evil EBAY! Anyway, I’m gonna do some “discipline” and get myself in a good situation again. We’ll see how I’m doing in a few months.