I finished my week of hell. Same as last time, so I won’t rehash my feelings about a “routine” week. Just trying to get back to MY normal timelines.

I bought the Sum of all Fears DVD, and I have to say I really liked that movie. Same director as Sneakers. The DVD has a Director’s commentary where he sits in with Tom Clancy, which is pretty awesome. Clancy is shouting out “BULLSHIT”, or “No way in hell that could happen” , It was pretty entertaining. It wasn’t terribly loyal to the book, but throughout the commentary, the director made a halfway decent case for changing it so much, so I am more OK with it than before. I think i made a journal entry on this issue.

I’m about to finish my last Tom Clancy book, and start on Ludlum. I bought the Bourne series, which I heard was pretty good.