Just a quick update, nothing interesting happening.

– I sent off my sister’s computer.

– Have TSM training all next week in Boston. I have to commute every damn day in a crowded cattle car for an hour in each direction.

– Got my home operation back up and running. and already at 73% of my new 335 gig set up (still waiting for an IBM 75 gig RMA to happen

– Tried to watch Blue Crush, but it sucked too bad

– Watched City by the Sea, and it was pretty good, but I can’t stand seeing DeNiro all choked up and on the verge of tears (Verge of tears ’cause DeNiro just doesn’t cry, EVER!)

– Decided on my new favorite “Movie Pirate” group, they call themselves “The Chosen Few” (TCF). They aren’t as timely with their releases, but they are by far the best quality ever since Centropy (CTP) dropped out of site.

– Decided on my 2 Favorite movies of all time!

Number 2 is Dark City. I watched it again, and realized how awesome it is. You have weirdos in trench coats with mind powers and can fly. You have Keifer Sutherland, being his normal bad-ass self. The protagonist (Rufus Sewell) looks like he should be a bad guy. And you have Jennifer Connelly PERIOD. How much better can you get? Hmm, I almost convinced myself that this should be Number 1. However Spy Game made my Number 1 movie. Just plain no-nonsense great movie. I call it a “mental-action” movie, where the confrontations are actually mind oriented. Throw in a bit of history, terrorists, communists, and CIA. Let simmer…out comes pure bad ass-ness!

– Bought 24 Season 1, and I like it so far. Keifer should totally do more movies like this. (Alot of these new series, I just call straight-to-TV movies, because they are all melded with each other, and they are not very episodic.)

– So I noticed that Matt Damon did a spy movie with Bourne Identity, and his boy Affleck did Sum of all Fears in the same year. I wonder if they just decided over a beer, “You know what? I think we’ll make Spy movies popular, let’s do a couple of them” So they start the process, people hear about it, kick off all the TV shows (Alias, Agency, 24, etc) Boom, you have a full blown fad. I wonder if those things start as simply as that.