I finished setting up my sister’s computer. I am such a nice brother. I plugged in my new one, and wadatai! It is pretty darn fast. Also got the chance to use the DVI connection on my flat-panel. I can’t really tell the difference. I guess high quality stuff is wasted on me sometimes. I started running 2 copies of seti on that (since it is a dual cpu) and it was crunching through that pretty quick. It came with XP though :( Which is the first thing I will dump when I get some time. The free T-shirt I got is awesome, I wore it yesterday. Just a plain black shirt with the alien logo on the front.

My sisters new computer is my “old” Dell, only not so old. P4 1.8 gHz, 1 gig of ram, 12x cd-rw. I put XP home edition on there, an actual legal version that came with the machine in the first place. I am getting too respectable in my old age.