I just realized I was spending too much this past month. I have however done some responsible things, like join the ESPP for my company. Got a couple credit cards to work on my credit. (I’m 26 and these are my first credit cards) What I need to work on is:

– figuring out the IRA thing, like if 401K contribution affects how much you can put into an IRA

– Find an accountant

– Set aside the whole 3-6 months of living money

– Somewhere in that chronology, I need to set up a budget. I want to wait until I see the effect of this ESPP before I iron it out.

Stuff I bought in the last 2 months:

– Dual Xeon 2.4 gHz Alienware

– Couch and coffee table

– Trip to Brownsville, TX

– Washer and Dryer for my mom

– pair of 120 gB IBM drives

– Sopranos seasons 1-3 for myself, then bought a copy for Humby (bday)

– Bunch of DVDs and stuff from Amazon

So am I spending too much?