Just finished a week of training in Boston. I got up every morning with an “alarm clock”, rode the train for an hour, walked 10 minutes to the building, sat in training, went back to the train at around 5ish, rode the train back for an hour. Everyday “normal” work week for so many people. I can’t stand it! First of all the train is always crowded that it gets hot from just the shear number of people on that thing. Finding a seat on an hour train ride isn’t all that fun either. Boston was nice, lots of female scenery, pleasant to walk around, etc. The training was also good, except I knew most of the stuff already. It did fill up some gaps that teaching myself missed. But not enough to make it worth the cost! I can’t figure out how people do that stuff every day! then only get 2 days off on the weekend. No wonder people are of a “sour dispositions” up here. Have training again in a few weeks. Not looking forward to it too much, but it will be good to see my old friend TSM (IBM product) One thing training does give me… it reinforces the thought that I really am familiar with something. When I teach myself something, I never am sure if I know enough to actaully advertise that I know it. After training I’m pretty sure.