Started eating a bowl of oatmeal and a banana every day now. Its not as bad as I was predicting. For some reason I thought it was going to be as disgusting as soy milk (which makes me nauseus just thinking about ). On top of that I finally got an access key for the exercise room that works, so hopefully I’ll make myself start that this week.

In other news… I’ve been asking around to see if we can get employee discounts on STK hardware, and I just get looks like “whats the matter with you?” Apparently no one is interested in using Enterprise-class hardware in their homes. weirdos. Anyway, All I want is a small 4U rackmountable tape library with 2 DLT drives. Enen then I get the weird looks. Like everyone doesn’t have a 19″ rack at home, sheesh! This piece of hardware is still way expensive, but if I can get this at cost or maybe a loan from the company, it’s all good! Its really the tape media that’ll kill ya, but due to a DLT>Hcart migration a while back, I am fully loaded with DLT tapes. Even though I hate DLT, can’t argue with the price I got on the media.