A few hours ago, I put on my brand new sneakers and got prepared to do some exercise.


– Stretch for 10 mintes.

– Run over to the exercise room,

– get on a stationary bike and ride that deal while the Oreilly Factor was on TV. (The got TVs over there)

– Job back to cool down

– Stretch for another 10 minutes.


– Stretched for 10 minutes, check

– Ran over to the exercise room. OK, two BIG problems here:

1. I am so out of shape that the minor job to the exercise room had me lightheaded, almost to the point of hallucinating. I lost my peripheral vision, and thought seriously about fainting.

2. (Thankfully) my key didn’t work for the exercise room.

– I recovered after a few minutes, then forced myself to run back then up my stairs.

– Got in then stretched for like 3 mintutes and just about collapsed.

I can’t believe I’m THIS much out of shape! (well, maybe I can) Oh well, I will keep at it for a while. Where is all the “Exercise makes me feel good” crap? The feeling was almost similar to some heavy inebriation (which I’m not a fan of either.) If that’s what you exercise nuts are talkin about, y’all are a bunch of idiots! I hope you aren’t the same people that say being drunk and high is cool!