For the last month and a half (without Internet) I was finding myself bored fairly often. I would wake up, hang out at work (on my days off), come home read alot, then sleep. During this period of time, I was considering attending school, excercising, and all that stuff. Not having internet had a particular side effect. I may have mentioned before, but I like to repeat myself….I bought ReplayTV about 8 months ago. In order for it to obtain the program listings, it needs to hook up to the internet. So…my replay has been out of commision for the past month and a half. I got so used to it, I don’t even know when my shows are on anymore. So I haven’t even been turning on the TV. So subtract TV and Internet from my life, I only have my books and Warcraft3. Now that I have everything back, I realize that was the resaon I was thinking about school and excercising. because I was bored! I still have those thoughts in the back of my head, but its not as urgent anymore.